The Department was established in 2010 by the Academic Board of the University, after it had ran as Communicative Skills Unit for seven years. The Department of Communication Studies at University of Cape Coast offers you a balance of theory and hands on experience for careers in everything from political communication to public relations, performance to production, advertising to journalism and more. Members of faculty will help you to be abreast of the ways the media works and communication in our social and political spaces. The Department will help you make the most of your talent.

The Department currently runs BA (Communication Studies) in the regular stream, MA (Communication Studies) and MA (Teaching Communicative Skills), both in sandwich stream. Plans are far advanced to introduce Master of Philosophy in Communication Studies in the regular stream. The Communicative Skills programme is geared towards equipping first year undergraduate students with communicative as well as study skills that will enable the students to use language effectively in academic communication. Communication experts are arguably the most in demand among university graduates. Communication Studies is the right offering in the twenty-first century.

The discipline is extremely well positioned as the digital economy, social networking and the move toward media creation rises. The broad nature and breadth of coursework in the discipline is another attribute of academic attraction. With a bachelor and two master’s programmes, we are developing originative fields at the University of Competitive Choice in Ghana. The Department currently has more than 400 undergraduate students and over 100 postgraduate students and each year more young people join us to pursue their studies. Among others, the Department has set the following goals:

  1. appealing to students and corporate organisations and attracting staff as a result of excellent teaching,
  2. establishing a strong reputation for communication by offering an extensive and innovative range of courses,
  3. fostering close international links in training and research through partnerships with universities and media organisations,
  4. using our world-leading knowledge to stimulate innovation in teaching, research, continuing education, and the application of findings.

Feel free to call on us anytime. You can also visit us on flickr at FLICKR